Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DAY 4 My Modified Juice Fast!

Hey everyone. So today was so difficult! I should not have gone in to this fast with no other experiences in fasting! So I decided to modify it. What I am going to do is do one full day of juice fasting and then on the second day I will make juices for breakfast and lunch and then I will eat really food for my dinner. And keep repeating this over and over until I reach my desired weight. I know this kind-of defeats the propose of juice fasting but I am still going to do it! It got so hard and I fell like I do not have the energy to exercise (which I love to do!) So hopefully I will be burn off the dinner that I eat between the two days of exercise! Maybe after a while of fasting this way I will be able to do a 30 day full juice fast!

Thanks for understanding! Let me know if you still want posts even though I have modified it! :)



  1. Yes! I was actually worrying a bit yesterday when I read your last post because these smoothies do not include any protein. It is good to have some solid food :) Keep posting!

    --Hailey (http:rosepetealbeautyx.blogspot.com)

  2. It is better to modify the fast than to feel sick and tired! I hope this helps!

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  4. fasting is definitely difficult. I tried once and couldn't do it for long!



  5. Hey new blog friend! Thanks for the interest in my blog. I am very new to it and its always encouraging when new people find you.
    -Now follwoing yours as well :)

    And with this juice fasting, i am a major fan i do it two days a week. What kind of Juicer do you have? I love how healthy it makes you and all the energy it gives you. I know it can be hard cause we crave the real food but stay strong and i believe you'll get to your goal weight.

    Katie Jo

  6. Cami- those modifications seem like a good idea. I think replacing one meal a day with juice is much healthier and easier to sustain than every meal. Good luck!