Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 1 Of My Juice Fast! (Completed!)

Hey everyone so I have completed Day 1 of my 30 day juice fast! I have managed to go one whole day so far with no food what so ever! (which was a shock to me I thought I would not even make it through the first day! haha)

 This morning I went to the food store at around 10'oclock and bought so many green fruits and veggies including; kale, lemon, celery, apples, cucumber and more. I tried to get all organic items because it is the healthiest. Then I made my juice. I was a little nervous to try it because I was not sure how the fruits and veggies were going to mix but to my surprise I thought it tasted really good!

I drank the juice and it filled me up a lot! I was full after I drank it which was around 12'oclock. Then I was not hungry again until 7'oclock! (for dinner) I drank made the same juice for dinner and it was really good!

The only thing is it is around 10'oclock and I am tired! Normally I do not go to sleep this early but sleep is good so after I post this I am probably going to go to bed! 

Oh and for exercise today I had a tennis match that I played in. (and I had enough energy to play, I was not out of energy from only eating juice) But I probably would not recommend does an intense workout the first couple of days of your fast because your body it detoxifying its self.


Thank so much for all of your supporting comments on my previous post about my juice fast!



  1. Hello :) Just wanted to say thanks for the follow, I absolutely ADORE your blog! Your juice fast sounds very cool and so interesting. It does sound like a great way to be healthy :) You inspired me to do something very similar! Thanks for great posts!

    -- Hailey (

  2. Good luck with your juice fast! I've made homemade juice before with veggies and fruits, and actually really liked the taste too. I don't think I could go on a juice fast though - I love food too much lol

  3. where do you get the diet for juice fast? id love to try it. fab blog.
    please check out mine & hopefully follow back.

    1. In my next post I will tell you all the recipe that I have been using! :)

  4. Even if you can't go on a full force juice fast, maybe substitute a homemade juice or veggie drink for one of your meals. Good idea!

  5. sounds interesting to me. I should try it....thanks for tips and idea....

  6. Hi! I'm a new follower. Good luck with the juice fast! I look forward to following your results/benefits you're noticing! :)

  7. Good luck Cami. Let us know how Day 2 goes.