Friday, March 2, 2012

Intro to My Juice Fast!

Hey everyone. So recently I was reading Jasmine or 's blog and she decided to go on a juice fast (she also mentioned a movie called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead which I recommend watching!) I thought it would be a fun for me to do a juice fast, even though I eat healthy and am not over weight, I have a little bit of a pooch that I have been trying to get rid of so I am hoping that the fast works!

Even though this is not makeup related , I think it is beauty related in a way. I think this because on a juice fast you detoxify your body and it helps clear your skin to. If you have acne I would try this fast out for a week to help clear your skin. I will be attempting my fast for 30 days. I really just want to get a flat tummy! :) If you want to follow me along on my journey I would love it! I probably am going to need all of the motivation I can get! haha

What is the juice fast?

Basically what it is is drinking juice and only juice for 30 days! I am not talking about the type of juice that is processed and store bought. I am talking about juicing your own fruit and veggies in a juicer (or a blender if you want, just go to youtube and search juice fast in a blender and it will show you how).

For the juice fast you are drinking raw fruits and veggies about 3-4 times a day. It is so healthy because you are only putting natural ingredients into your body and not processed food! In addition, their are many benefits to juice fasting.

Many people are probably think I am crazy!! Well, maybe thats true. I don't really know, but I do know that I am not going to be harming my body because not processed food will be entering my system. :)

I am really excited to start my 30 day juice fast, because hopefully I am only 30 days away from a healthy and happy body.

In addition just to warn people who might want to try this with me,  many people say the first couple of days are rough but after a couple of days they have so much energy! So lets wait and see...

I am really excited for my juice fast and I think I will post daily to check in and this way you all can comment and share how you feel on your juice fast!

Let me know what you think, but please don't say things like "this is so unhealthy" or anything else to discourage me please.

Thanks so much and I will talk to everyone soon! (Some makeup looks are coming soon!)



  1. I think it's great that you're excited about doing this. I'm sure the benefits will be amazing!

  2. Well I support you all the way- because I know this helps detox. That's always a good thing- and health is beauty too! BTW- I awarded your blog with a Blog Award. Check it out when you get a chance!

  3. Sounds like a cool idea but what will you do if you get hungry?
    Goodluck xx

    1. I will make a juice, but fruits and veggies fill you up and nourish you very well.

  4. This sounds like something I should do! Good luck, I'll be keeping an eye on your outcome! :)

  5. Hi Cami, thanks so much for following my blog! It's my absolute pleasure to follow your lovely blog back! Good luck with the juice fast!! xx

  6. I'm a HUGE fan of juicing! Good luck with your cleanse! XO

  7. good luck with this! i think as long as you dont think too much then you can do it fine!

  8. Good luck dear! I can't wait to hear your journey that the end of this 30 day juice fast!


  9. Good luck hun i want to do it to but i work and im afraid of orher side effect that im not going to mention here but it sound great have you ever hear abour the lemon detox i heard is good can you take pick of before and afther please .

  10. I love juice but I dont have a blender :(
    I bought juice from the supermarket...
    Sometimes I pick up freshly made juice from the slow food market,
    which was great, I can feel much more energy after drinking it.
    You are right, there is no harm to start juice fast...
    By the way, i love your blog and following you xx