Monday, March 26, 2012


Hey everyone. So I have some free time on my hands right now and so I thought I would make a blog post... only thing is I do not know what to write about! Please leave suggestions in the comments and then keep looking back because your request will probably be one of my upcoming posts probably within the week.

Also, how many of you are so excited that The Secret Life Of the American Teenager is back? I know I am it is probably one of my favorite TV shows because of all the drama. I love watching TV shows either having to do with beauty, makeup, fashion or drama! I get to freaked out with the scary shows and the criminal shows. Let me know your favorite shows. Also, I think I might do a post on my all time favorite TV shows!

Wow. I kind of did a little post with in a post asking for requests. haha But please leave a request in the comments because I love making blog posts and reading all of your feedback and sweet comments!



  1. Could you do a fast and easy makeup tutorial? Thanks!


  2. Could you do a fashion one! I'd love to see an outfit of the day or your kind of style post! Thanx!

  3. I tagged you to do the 11 questions tag! Go check it out and feel free to take your time :) Id love it if you did and let me know when you post it :) Heres the link to the post:

  4. Yep a makeup tutorial would be nice.

  5. Im so happy TSLAT is back, have missed that show!
    Carissa xx

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  6. Hey!

    Thankyou so much for looking at my new blog & becoming a member. Love your blog design and layout!

    Holly x