Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Juice "Fast" Is OVER!

Hey everyone. So yesterday after I ate a meal of healthy solid foods I felt very sick and nauseous. I have decided that I will drink juices a lot but not go on a juice fast because I do not think that my body really likes it. I am still determined to lose my excess body fat though and will eat super healthy and exercise a ton! Lets cross our fingers that it is gone by summer! Thanks for all of your support and you should be expecting a beauty/fashion/makeup related post very soon! 

Lots of love-


  1. Hi love!
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award. I follow you, and I feel like you definitely deserve it. :) Enjoy! <3

    Sarah, The Perks of Being Porcelain

  2. i give you props for even attempting to do this! congratulations on how long you lasted, i couldn't do it for that long! (wouldn't even last a day!)

  3. Wow, i can't believe how long you lasted! I think I lasted like a day. lol!! Then my hubby told me this was not the way to lose fat :( Congratulations though!!

  4. I'm sorry you felt nauseous that must have been terrible!! But I support your weight loss- it's a very rewarding experience when you get to your goal weight. =-)

  5. Props for trying it out! Maybe try easing into it with broths and soups so it's not as big a shock to your system?

  6. I don't know where you got this 30 days juice fast, but I am glad to read you've already finished it.
    It's absolutely NOT healthy to just eat fruits and vegetables for 30 days, your body needs other nutrients too to be able to work. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten in a big amount, but they cannot replace proteins, carbohydrates and even fat. yes fat is also important for your body, you just have to eat the right one, for example cold-pressed oils.
    You don't do your body a favour with a fast of 30 days without any other nutrients such as vegetables and fruits. Just try to reduce sweets and sugarstuff, and try to eat lean meat such as chicken, and fish. Combine it with healthy versions of carbos such as whole meal noodles, brown rice etc. and add salad and vegetables. scratch coca cola and co and drink unsweetened tea or water. This plus a good amount of exercising and you will also loose weight - in a healthy way!

  7. i don't think i could ever do a juice fast, i love food waaay too much! cute blog, now following :) xx

  8. You lasted a lot longer than I could have so good job for that!

  9. I have always wanted to try juicing! Not as a fast bust as a supplement. Did you use a juicer? If so what brand was it? I have no clue what kind to get. Thanks for following by blog:) I am now following you back!

    <3 Marielley

  10. this juice fast is a terrible idea, it could KILL you BUT it was good that you tried something rather than just procrastinate getting healthy.

    When i got pregnant i went from 95 pounds to 165 pounds and when i had my baby only 10 of it was water and baby weight, but now im back to 99 pounds (since i also grew some in that time)

    what i did was, eat a balanced Vegan diet consisting of 1500 calories or less a day(to provide enough energy for body function), Go for 2 30 min jogs a day and do a work out routine before bed.
    i lost 5 pounds in my first week and all of it within 4 months.

    But good luck to you and please dont do any more Fad Diets <3